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Doctors and Lawyers Data Scraping

Scraping Data of Doctors and Lawyers now easy with Infovium Web Scraping


    Reach to Your Potential Clients With Doctors and Lawyers Data Scraping

    Data Scraping is very much helpful to every business. Every individual needs a list of patronages and customers for Business to business and business to customer marketing. As data scraping is a most efficient way for building such lists, Doctors & Lawyers data scraping is helpful in Pharmaceuticals and for other businesses.

    Medical Representatives and companies requiring law advice require data about Doctors and lawyers. There are numerous web portals which present complete information about the same. We @infoviumwebscraping scrape doctors database from all classifieds and directories used specifically for Doctors with our Doctors & Lawyers data scraping. We scrape data with your desired parameters such as Area and Specialties.

    Case Study

    This case study shows how our data scraping service has been helpful for an industry.

    An industry required consultation from a lawyer working specially for compliances of Pollution Control Board. An urge was there to find details. We understood their requirements precisely and prepared an execution plan. We scan all possible Lawyers from the directories and provided data with the rating, location, and reviews. This data got them the best service within their area only.

    Case Study 2

    A pharmaceutical startup needed to build a network with doctors and hospitals. Visiting every individual was not possible, so they needed human sources. Still, there was a necessity of details about all doctors to plan out the visit as well as to know potential clients. This was only feasible through extracting doctor’s data.

    We were communicated and provided adequate information. We extracted data again with specific filters and came up with the best and the most suitable listing.

    Both the clients were non-technical clients. Hence, they necessitated data in Excel format.

    Let us know about your requirements and get them delivered within your timeline.

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