Kompass Data Scraping (Worldwide)

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Kompass Data Scraping (Worldwide)

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Looking for Kompass database then go with Business directory scraping

Kompass is full of with company details along with contact information. So Kompass database is good source for business world for finding and communicate with customers. There is huge amount of business data are there so collecting manual all these data is west of time. Smartest way for extracting such large data is Kompass data scraping or can say business directory scraping.Kompass business directory is available in various countries like KompassIndia, KompassUK, KompassUSA, KompassGermany, Kompasssouth Africa and more.

Infovium’s Kompass data scraping give following Company details:

  • URL
  • Company name
  • Address
  • Contact no
  • Website
  • About company
  • Year of established
  • Employee
  • Executive name
  • Executive position
  • Activity
  • Export
  • Category

Our Business directory data scraping not only extracting the data but also refine the data into format required. For example download our scraped Kompass database sample file for Kompasssouth Africa.

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