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Scraping Data from Kayak now easy with Infovium Web Scraping


    Compared to other online travel search engine websites, Kayak.com is a bit different because it is more of an aggregate travel search engine than a booking engine. Kayak allows hotels and airlines to advertise their websites and include them in searches. But they must make reservations through a third-party site instead of through the company. With Kayak Data Scraping you can get all the data from kayak.com.

    Kayak is available in more than 20 languages and 30 countries, and it processes more than 1 billion searches every year. It has received 35 million mobile app downloads, and the company has a global Alexa search engine rating of 571 and 166, respectively, in the United States. Other booking websites such as Booking.com, Priceline, Hotels.com, Hotwire, and Expedia are also searched for pricing information by Kayak, which searches the whole web. Because of this innovative method, customers have complete control over their booking experience, allowing them to easily identify and compare the best deals available; this flexibility makes Kayak.com a more popular choice among travelers.

    Kayak is the only travel application and website that allows users to compare hundreds of travel and airline websites in a single search, making it unique among travel applications and websites. Whereas the bulk of booking engines need hotels and airlines to join them and charge a fee to book rooms through their website, Kayak is simply a data aggregator that collects information from multiple sources.

    Need of Infovium Web Scraping Services for Kayak Data Scraping

    All travel websites do not offer APIs. Besides that, some data fields in the APIs may be insufficient for your business. This is when you require a service that can scrape the data from Kayak using web scraping. This service can then convert it into structured data feeds associated with your database and populated on your website. Since building your own data scraping platform is not a feasible solution owing to the high-tech barriers and costs involved. It is better to hire a company providing Kayak flight data scraping services like Infovium web scraping to meet your needs. We also provided all types of  Travel, Restaurant and Hotel Data scraping services.

    Benefits of choosing us

    • Our team always works hard to ensure that the flight prices scraped from Kayak are accurate as per your needs.
    • Our goal is to ensure 100% client satisfaction.
    • With our web scraping service, you can find quick and detailed flight prices from Kayak.
    • Using advanced web scraping technology in conjunction with the web interface. We collect all the information you need and store it in the database.
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