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Scraping Data from Kompass now easy with Infovium Web Scraping


    Kompass has approximately 4 million listed enterprises in 60 countries as the most comprehensive online worldwide business directory. The search can be narrowed down by selecting a nation, product, or company. This wide data can’t be obtained manually, but the only solution is Kompass Data Scraping. The product classification system is extremely comprehensive, making it easier to find potential clients and suppliers in each country. It has two levels of information: the first level of free information-identity and contact information and the second level of payment information-commercial report of the company.

    The Kompass database contains a large number of company profiles and contact information. When it comes to B2B business owners looking for more sales leads, Kompass has a large database that can be extremely beneficial. Clients can be found and communicated using the Kompass database, available to all business owners. Kompass holds a massive amount of business data, so manually collecting this massive amount of data would be a complete waste of time.

    The most efficient method of extracting such large amounts of data from Kompass is using scraping services. Infovium web scraping services give the most effective and cost-effective Business directory data scraping solution available and you can trust us for reliable data and after-sales service as we hold the position of top data extraction service provider in India.

    The following Data is Scrape by our Data Scraping Service

    • Company or Business Name
    • Employee Number
    • Business Description
    • Executive Name
    • Executive Position
    • Business Activities
    • Business Category

    Data Extraction Services by Infovium web scraping

    • We at, Infovium web scraping, don’t just extract the Kompass data; we clean and refine it into the required formats, such as CSV, TXT, JSON, HTML, etc. Furthermore, we will assist you in overcoming any language barriers you may encounter.
    • The data scraping service provided by Infovium is among the best and most dependable around. Aside from scraping Kompass data, we can also extract data from the web and mobile devices.
    • Kompass provides data to you in precisely the format you need today. Our web extraction platform allows you to collect well-structured data from Kompass. You do not have to know any coding or purchase any expensive software to do it.
    • In addition, we offer scrape services that guarantee data integrity. Using our service, you won’t miss any critical information that your Do-It-Yourself scraping software cannot handle.
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