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Scraping Data from LinkedIn now easy with Infovium Web Scraping


    Scrape World’s Best Professional Network With the Most Accurate Way Using LinkedIn Scraper

    Infovium LinkedIn scraper scrapes the professional profiles of users and business pages. Then formats these scraped data into specific Excel, PDF, and Database format for clients. Scraping LinkedIn can be done manually also but it requires large amount of human resource, efforts and time. We scrape that within your timeline and prepare it for you with efficiency with our LinkedIn data extractor. Our Linkedin data scraping services helps in the job posting, finding potential employees, finding details about recruitment going on through LinkedIn.

    LinkedIn Scraper or LinkedIn data extractor is one of the best and most useful tool for businesses like Job Portal, freelancers, recruitment agencies, directory managers, classified website holders etc.

    Our LinkedIn Scraper (LinkedIn Data Extractor) Scrapes:

    • Profile name
    • Designation
    • Profile description
    • Experience
    • Education
    • Skills
    • Industry

    How Scraping LinkedIn can Help you?

    LinkedIn is one of the most used platform for professionals and recruiters. With the passage of time, LinkedIn has grown such a way that it has become a community of 467 million professional users. All these users are either job seekers, business men or entrepreneurs of professional worker.

    Any single user’s LinkedIn profile contains the information about personal details like address, email address, contact details, etc. It includes company he or she works for, company name, company details and link to company LinkedIn page as well. Active users of LinkedIn have always integrated the social media profiles with LinkedIn account which also generate one more way of getting their social media presence.

    Infovium web scraping services scrape all various business directories and social media websites and provides accurate database for fulfils your requirements. Let us know about the business and requirements of yours. We are always a step ahead to serve you with the most affordable and efficient solution. Drop us an email @info@infoviumwebscraping.com or contact us.

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