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Are you required to scrape Ireland Nonprofit sector database??

Infovium web scraping services can help you to scrape Ireland Nonprofit sector database with our data scraping.

As Benefacts is public database of non-profit sector in Ireland apart from private sector and government.  It is extensive source of information about civil society organisations in Ireland. Besides charities, this includes philanthropies, sports bodies, political, human rights and advocacy organisations, business and trade associations.

We gather these all data from by coding in fastest manner and accurately provide in required format according to need. data scraping (Ireland) by Infovium web scraping gives:

  • Type
  • Name
  • RegisteredAddress
  • Alternate Address
  • Website
  • Benefacts URL
  • Alternate Names
  • Sector Name
  • Sector Code
  • SubSector Name
  • SubSector Code
  • Current Year, Income, Net Assets, Grants, Expenditure
  • Income, Net Assets, Grants, Expenditure
  • Income Change
  • Incorporated Date
  • Governing Form
  • Number of Employees
  • Directors
  • AccountsDate
  • Purpose Sector
  • GovernanceCodeDescription
  • GovernanceCode URL
  • Regulator Name, Number, URL, Code,Count

Download the file for getting clearer about data scraping services and how data extraction is useful to generate a database.

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