BizDb Business Directory data Scraping (UK)

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BizDb Business Directory data Scraping (UK)

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BizDb business directory data scraping to get UK company database

BizDb is a strong UK businesses directory with a vast company database along with revenue and employees. Looking for UK business database then we are ready to help you by our outstanding BizDb business directory data scraping. UK company database by us is 100% accurate and beneficial to your business growth.

We scrape UK company database and provide:

  • BizDb URL
  • Company name
  • Category
  • Company number
  • Incorporated date
  • Business service
  • Registered Address
  • Company status
  • Age of comapny
  • Staff name, address and nationality
  • Staff occupation,role and appointed date
  • Birthdate and age of Staff
  • Date of accounts
  • Finance currency
  • Net worth
  • Current assent
  • Intangible Fixed Assets
  • Pension asset liability
  • Called up share capital
  • Shareholder Funds
  • Fixed Assets  and Fixed Assets Additions
  • Fixed Assets Cost
  • Current Assets Liabilities
  • Less Current Liabilities
  • Number Shares Allotted
  • Per Value Share

For more details regarding business directory scraping to collect company database of UK, USA, India, Australia then contact us on Must see our small sample work is putted here for scraping BizDb business directory of UK.

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