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Amazon Books Scraping (Spain)

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Amazon is one of popular and widely used website. It is huge source of all types of category information. Large numbers of books available on amazon including their title, description and most important is pricing.Amazon books scraping is used to scraped book database.

Amazon book scraping by Infovium provides

  • Book title
  • Description
  • Amazon Url of books
  • Image Url
  • Bsr
  • Sales_Rank_Final
  • ISBN_10
  • ISBN_13
  • Author
  • Recommended_age
  • Editor
  • Collection
  • Language
  • No of pages

We have expertise in Amazon data scraping for various countries. A number of times we scraped amazon and provided satisfied data to our clients. Here one of our project output that show our work for gathering books database by Amazon books scraping from Amazon Spain.