1mg.com Medicine Information Scraping (India)

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Looking for Medicine Data Scraping??

We are at Infovium web scraping services are ready to provide medicine information from various online pharmacy websites.

1mg.com is India’s popular online pharmacy website with a large range of prescription and OTC medicines. It is good source of medicines. 1mg  is an online pharmacy vendor website  and generic medicine . It enables users to find information about medicines prescribed by doctors and also buy them. Users can find drugs by ailments, class, companies, and brands.

Our Scraping Services Provide Below Mentioned Headers from 1mg.com

  • Brand name
  • Url
  • Manufacturers
  • MRP
  • Primary use
  • Pack info
  • Prescription required
  • Description
  • Image URL

Here we have given our sample file of our previously scraped data from 1mg.com. Must download that file and tell us how we can help you for your need of medicine information extraction.

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