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How to Collect Company’s Information from Kompass ?

Only solution is Kompass scraper further more we can say Business directory scraping.

Kompass is a large database of companies’ information and contact details. This makes Kompass one of the leading business directories, a very good source of business data, and a platform where B2B and B2C business owners can find and communicate with prospects. It is available in various countries and contains a huge amount of business data.

Our Kompass Scraper Extracts:

  • About the company
  • Activity
  • Business location and address
  • Business name
  • URL
  • Category
  • Contact no
  • Employee
  • Executive name
  • Executive position
  • Export
  • Email addresses
  • Website
  • Year of established

Above all, specific field can be extracted.

For any business owner, it is always a great challenge to find marketing lists and the right prospects. Whether the business data is needed for direct mail campaigns, events, digital marketing, email, or telesales. Therefore, it is important to have access to up-to-date and accurate company information and contact details.

Advantage of Business Directory Scraping:

However, manually extracting a large amount of these business data from Kompass is nothing but a waste of time. The smartest and best way to go about collecting the company’s information from Kompass is using Kompass scraper or any other business directory data scraping service.

With Kompass data scraping, you would get an up-to-date and accurate company’s information for over 33 million companies and contacts of over 35 million business executives. You can also decide to focus your data scraping on a specific data field using Kompass data scraping services.

Kompass scraper not only collect the company’s information but also refine, clean, and store the data into a well-structured format. Kompass scraper is a powerful tool that helps business owners to find business leads and prospects from Kompass classifieds by locations and categories. Data scraping services enable business owners to get millions of business leads within their fingertips. Above all, the benefits that leads to Business directory scraping.

In other words, web scraping services is always at top priority by business owners.

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