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Why LinkedIn Scraping Is Become Popular Now Days?

Now days LinkedIn scraping is demand of huge mass. Question arise is what are the benefits and uses of LinkedIn data. This article includes about LinkedIn scraping and its application and uses. It includes both LinkedIn profile and company pages data scraping.

To Aggregate Jobs Listing Data

Recently, job listing data has become one of the most sought-after data on the Internet. Almost every organization is looking for a professional who can handle their jobs and everybody needs a job or at least a better job placement.

The percentage of those who currently have no job and seeking for jobs online is high and keeps increasing as more graduates get into the labor market. These job seekers turn to LinkedIn to create a profile to showcase their qualifications, skills, experience, expertise, etc. Business organizations can also turn to LinkedIn to seek qualified personnel to handle their requirements. 

To Gather Company Details for Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms

Venture capital and private equity firm are investing in leading Information, Software, Industrial and Healthcare Technology companies. They need to collect company data like no of employees, year of establishment, category, specialize etc. for analysis purpose and based on that they plan about their future investment.

LinkedIn Data Can Be Used for Many Various Purposes:

  • Keeping job databases updated by HR and staffing agents.
  • Fuelling smaller job aggregator boards with fresh job listing data.
  • Analyzing the labor market, salary trends, and job trends within a country.
  • Tracking competitors’ vacant job openings, salary/compensations, and other benefit plans to be able to stand up to the competition by making better offers, etc.

LinkedIn contains over 500 Million profiles of professional members, which companies can access to build a professional network. Scraping LinkedIn is therefore necessary to collect data from these profiles and company pages.

A quick and efficient LinkedIn scraping requires the service of a professional data scraping company that will crawl the LinkedIn website and extract the entire profile data on it. It is not an easy task to extract data from LinkedIn. It requires expertise as LinkedIn has a special anti-scraping technique that prevents excessive page crawling and scraping. Also day by day LinkedIn changes its security. So web scraping services that have experience in data extraction from such sites like LinkedIn can fulfill your requirement.

However, Infovium web scraping services reportedly have a reputation of being able to bypass this anti-scraping technique to give clients the best result. Hence, we can deliver highly customizable and well-structured results tailored to clients’ specific requirements and needs.

Contact us today to discuss your LinkedIn scraping needs. Further more check our sample file for LinkedIn data scraper.

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